Three new demos online

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A few updates:

We worked hard and created new application scenarios for Hypermodelling; demos and videos document first impressions of those.

Furthermore, the first book about Hypermodelling is released. Check out the scientific publications for backgound infos. Additionally, you can support us by purchasing reading the book on your ebook reader. Click here

In the following, we show three different new use cases for Hypermodelling, briefly.


In the video we show how the code search engine can be used.

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Code Dependencies 

A sneak peak how dependencies based on method calls or developers can be investigated. We show also, that we can just report the contribution of developers with method calls. 

Its just an overview of our newest experiments. Comments welcome.

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Code structure cockpit

A sneak peak video of code cockpit based on data warehouse technology can be found here. 

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 Better videos will be following as soon as possible. Aside of this, we are working towards a stable version of Hypermodelling that will go online soon. 



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